BAGEL4 Welcome to the BAGEL4 webserver. BAGEL enables researchers to mine bacterial (meta-)genomic DNA for bacteriocins and RiPPs. Additionally we provide databases and a BLAST against the core peptide databases. Check out the help page for additional (background) information.

As a BAGEL4 user you might be interested in the first International RiPPs Conference
Sessions are stored for 60 days on the server
DO NOT use the BAGEL4 web server for large projects (>40 genomes), for those studies download the stand alone Linux version here or contact us.

Input option 1: Upload one or more DNA files (in FastA format)
Optionally an RNA-Seq track can be visualized in the results. Upload your RNA-Seq data above as a (BedGraph Track)
Use Bacillus subtilis 168 RNA-Seq example

Input option 2: We also offer to analyze publicly available genomes of the RefSeq database, this will include chromosome(s) and plasmid(s) of the organism.
Type random part(s) of the genome; e.g. to find Bacillus subtilis str 168 (as an example genome), just type parts such as 168 subt until number of genomes in selection is less than 15. For 'non full genomes' (WGS) also the Assembly RefSeq Accession number can be entered, e.g. GCF_001547625 or 001547625

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Contact: Anne de Jong or Auke van Heel
Department of Molecular Genetics, University of Groningen, Nijenborgh 7, 9747 AG Groningen, the Netherlands

Number of sessions: 531122 | last session: Thursday Aug-18 07:06 (2022)